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Bespoke Duvets

Made organic cotton outer shell and alpaca fleece in the inside.


This duvets have the lightness of goose down, the hypoallergenic qualities of synthetic fibers and are as soft and natural as cashmere. Our commitment to the environment, animal welfare and local communities make sleep a genuinely luxurious pleasure.


Alpaca wool duvets are sewn entirely by hand and stitched into lozenges to ensure the wool is evenly spread throughout the duvet with both volume and loft. Made of fine, lightweight wool, the duvet feels wonderfully light and high-quality, and promotes a good sleep climate.

Duvets 2.jpeg
Duvets 3.jpeg

Perfect Temperature

The structure of alpaca wool is both breathable and flexible, allowing it to adapt to the body’s temperature perfectly.


Alpaca wool is considered hypoallergenic, as unlike sheep’s wool it does not contain lanolin.


The keratin in alpaca wool fibers allows bacteria to be effectively suppressed.

Made to Measure

As we make all our own products, we can also manufacture a duvet to your exact requirements

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